Improving employees productivity & performance through fitness activities
  1. Nutrition advice
    Nutritional advice, healthy recipe ideas, quizzes, interactive games and nutrition tutorial covering fats, salts, vitamins, eating healthily.
  2. fitness for businesses
    60 min of high intensity cardiovascular training, learn the basics of the noble art as well as a series of drills, exercises to promote focus.
  3. health and wellness program
    Circuit Training
    60 min of fun and challenging exercises involving functional exercise, body weight exercises and team challenges. Good for all round fitness.
  4. Yoga classes for businesses
    60 min yoga session to improve your bodily control and mental well being, employees will feel more relaxed, aware, and have an increased level of energy.
Research shows that happy and engaged workforces produce more successful companies. Now most companies Encourage  employees, to participate in health and fitness programs, which pays off in numerous ways! It only makes sense, a  happy body,  happy mind , happy employee, better productivity, less stress and stronger team.

How we can help:
We provide health and fitness programs to businesses that want to keep their workforce fit and healthy. This is also a great opportunity for employees to participate in fitness activities together as a team. ​​

What we offer:

60 minute of high intensity cardiovascular training, learn the basics of the noble art as well as a series of drills, exercises to promote focus, determination and general fitness in all aspects of their lives.
Improved energy levels, better focus and determination through each working day.

60-minute class to improve your posture, balance,  flexibility with special emphasis on relaxation techniques to help with stress and anxiety.
Improves your body control and mental well being. Feel more relaxed and aware from the first session.

Circuit training
Challenging exercises involving squats, lunges, sprints, sidesteps, functional exercise, bodyweight exercises and team challenges.
Allows you to sleep better each night through your working week which improves your productivity and health.

We also offer nutritional advice to all participating employees ensuring they understand the adavantages of having a balanced diet.
About us

The sessions will be taken by one of our expertly trained health and fitness coaches. Activities and sessions are tailored to suit your staff and surroundings. Taking group size, dynamics and time into consideration.

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