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Alternative Provisions for Schools 
Getting kids active, active kids participate and learn better in school life.

In today’s world of PlayStations and YouTube, children spend less and less time exercising and getting active. This can have serious negative effects on their health and mental wellbeing, with conditions such as diabetes and obesity unfortunately on the rise. We at Fitness Platform provide the perfect classes to help solve these problems.

Circuit Training
Circuit Training is an excellent way to improve your child's fitness, co-ordination, strength and stamina. Each 50-minute class consists of fun and challenging exercises involving squats, lunges, sprints, sidesteps, functional training, bodyweight exercises and team challenges - all geared towards helping children reach their fitness potential in a caring and supportive environment. Each class is tailor made to the needs of each individual child, so everyone feels supported and included in reaching their goals.
Yoga is a safe, effective and relaxing way to improve bodily control and mental wellbeing. The focus of these 50-minute classes will be to improve each child's posture, balance and flexibility with special emphasis on breathing and relaxation. By the end of our classes we are sure that your child will feel more relaxed, aware, and have an increased level of focus and self-confidence.
Here at Fitness Platform we understand that children have lots of energy to burn off. This is why we have a 50-minute class devoted to boxing. Boxing is a form of high intensity cardiovascular training, guaranteed to tire out the most energetic of youngsters! Within a safe and nurturing environment our pupils learn the basics of the noble art as well as a series of drills and bodyweight exercises to promote focus, determination and general fitness in all aspects of their lives.
We understand the importance of nutrition in a child's life and how it can effect their overall mental and physical wellbeing. For this reason we offer bespoke advice to suit each child's needs. Each individual programme will consist of nutritional advice, healthy recipe ideas, quizzes, interactive games and online tutorials covering fats, salts, vitamins, eating healthily and getting their '5 A Day'. Hand in hand with our classes we are confident that we can help your children become fitter, healthier and more confident!
How we can help 
We offer tailor made programmes for schools, taking into consideration group size and time available. Fitness Platform offer affordable fun classes for under-18s that promote health, fitness and dietary responsibility.  
Our programmes can cover a whole term of activity or just be a one-off. We work to fit around your timetable.

Our staff
All our fitness professionals are fully qualified, DBS certified and accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS).

Our aim
Our aim is to educate, inspire and encourage younger people towards optimum fitness and a better quality of life through physical exercise. Please see full list of classes above and see how they can benefit your kids today!

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